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MELNY SRL is a company specializing in surveying, geodesy, 3D scanning, photogrammetric and land registry, founded in 2007, with headquarters in Cluj-Napoca City, Cluj County.

Over almost 10 years of business, our geodesic engineers have carried out vast projects covering all areas of land surveying: topographic surveys, geodesic measurements, land registry, civil and road engineering, and, recently, photogrammetric and 3D scanning.

Combining accurate field measurements and computations carried out with the most powerful and prestigious software, we can provide high accuracy data and accurate information.


3D Scanning Services

3D scanning is one of the newest measurement methods. The tool used is the laser scanner. It can measure….


Land registry Services

Through the specialized team at its disposal, SC Meln SRL performs:

  • land registry documentation


General Topograph Services

SC Melny SRL offers a wide range of general topography services such as:

  • topographic surveys for…



Geodesy Services

Geodesy is the science through which the land forms of the Earth’s surface are studied. Geodesy takes into account the effect of the curvature…


Engineering Topography Services

The projects carried out in the 10 years of activity: from civil engineering, railway construction, highways, rehabilitation of national road…


Photogrammetric Services

We collect the data for photogrammetry using drones or UAVs.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is ….


Why Melny Topo?

Professional experience
Seriousness and Professionality
Quickness and attention
Professional equipment
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Professional experience

During its 10 years of activity, SC MELNY SRL has managed to put together a team of engineers, graduates of renowned universities in the field of land surveying, who have participated in numerous and various projects and have gained extensive professional experience.

Seriousness and professionalism

The accuracy and precision of the execution of all the works have the imprint of a perfect professionalism improved with the equipment and the topographic technique used.

Promptness and attentiveness

Thanks to our accumulated experience and professionalism, we always manage to strictly observe the contractual terms by providing each project with detailed accuracy.

Professional equipment

We use high-performance equipment and licensed software to run projects.

Our clients

Quality services and the relationship with customers is the most important when it comes to their satisfaction.

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