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3D scanning services

3D scanning is one of the newest measurement methods. The tool used is the laser scanner. It can measure thousands or millions of points per second, the result of the measurements being called “point cloud”. It can be processed with specific software and exported in CAD or other formats. 3D scanning can be applied in many areas:

  • surveying

  • archaeology

  • historical preservation through means of monitoring and evaluation

  • construction: railway, tunnels, motorways, dams, etc.

  • speleology

  • studies of deformation over time

  • architecture

  • design

  • insurance

  • petrochemistry

The main advantages of laser scanning are:

  • exact information of the item scanned;

  • the millimetre precision obtained;

  • scanning can be carried out both during daytime and nighttime, outdoors or indoors;

  • complete results obtained by scanning;

  • increased operator safety, the scanning can be performed from a distance of several meters to over 300 m, thus avoiding dangerous areas;

  • the information obtained can be accessed at any time without further visit to the site;

  • measuring speed: thousands of points measured per second.

Scanning is processed by our specialists with the help of specific software and the result delivered to the beneficiaries can be as follows:

  • surveys;

  • sections of buildings;

  • facades;

  • 3D model;

  • point cloud;

  • profiles;

  • volumes;

  • level curves.

This field of the 3D SCANNING topography will become important in the coming years precisely because of the advantages mentioned above.


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